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Welcome to our Blog. Here we plant to bring you news and views on the products that we supply, Blue Centre Feed Rolls, Mini/Jumbo Toilet Rolls, Hand Soaps and much much more.

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J Cloth Roll

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The original J Cloth on a handy roll.

FCC Approved for use around food.

Colour coded to work with HCAPP environments.

A handy dispenser box to keep things tidy.

Perforated to allow for short or long cloths!

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Food Contact Clearance Cloths

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Are you responsible for the hygiene in your kitchen?

Are the cloths you are using FCC Approved?

What is FCC Approval?

How can it impact your hygiene?

How can Save On Supplies help?


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Toilet Rolls Thrapston

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Toilet Rolls Thrapston

Thrapston is a historical market town to the east of Kettering in the borough Northampton.

The river nene runs through the old market town which is the headquarters of the East Northamptonshire Council.

Thrapston had a population of 4855 in 2001 which had risen to 5700 by 2006 and is increasing currently at a very substantial rate.

This size of pupulation will mean that Thrapston has a very large number of toilets which will mean that there is a very large requirment for toilet roll in the town
 of Thrapston.

This lead us to write this blog post for toilet rolls thrapston.

Due to the fact that Save On Supplies has a base in Molesworth which is only 7 miles from Thrapston, we are ideally placed to be able to deliver toilet roll to Thrapston every day of the week from Monday to Friday at any hour of the day.

Our toilet roll deliveries to Thrapston are free of charge with no minimum order value.

We have some excellent prices for toilet roll and due to the close proximity we would be able to help local business to save on this supply. We have toilet rolls from as little as £6.68 for 36 toilet rolls and our mini jumbo toilet rolls are only £9.99 for 12 x 150mtr rolls.

Thrapston also has a couple of hotels and guest houses which are highly recommended and between them have a huge number of toilets, not to mention all of the public houses and smaller businesses in the area.

Thrapston is situated very close to the A14, A45 and the A605 which provide excellent transport links.

Further information for Thrapston can be found here.

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DuraDry Microfibre Cleaning Cloths from Chicopee

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DuradDry Microfibre Cloths are the latest revolutionary product from the world famous Chicopee brand, the company that bought you the original J-Cloth.

Most of us in the cleaning industry would have used Microfibre cloths at some point in time, however, these can sometimes be quite large and cumbersome.

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Why buy J-Cloths

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Buying original J Cloths will save you money in the long term, here we try to answer why you should buy J Cloths opposed to generice cleaning cloths.

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Blue Centre Feed

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There are so many different name for Centre Feed Paper. Here are just a few:

Blue roll is probably the most common name for this product and has become synonmous with the actual product name.

Blue paper roll

2Ply blue roll


Blue3 c-feed

Blue Centrefeed paper

Blue centre pull rolls

1ply blue c/feed

Centre pull

Centrally fed paper rolls

It doesn't really matter what you like to call them as long as you are getting good value for money.

This can sometimes be harder than you would think. Some companies don't even mention the length of the roll, other do mention the amount of blue paper that you get on the roll while other companies don't bother to mention how tall the blue paper sheets are.

Then there can be the further complications of the company not being accredited by the CHSA which are the self elected governing body for soft tissue products, if a paper roll is accredited by the CHSA then you can be sure that what is on the label is the amount of blue paper roll that you are actually getting.

Just a few tips for our readers. 

Happy shopping guys.


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Handy tips

We found this wonderful tip on the twittersphere and thought we would bring it to our customers.

Plus the fact that they have the most appropriate twitter handle we have ever seen and we liked it so much we had to share.

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Alcohol Hand Santiser and the dangers

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I recently read an article on an American website which talked about the trouble with people steeling the alcohol hand sanitiser from the public toilets which had been provided in parks.

You can read the article here: Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

This problem is not only in the United States. We too have this problem here in the UK. You can read an article on the problem here: Street Drinkers steeling hospital hand sanitiser

Obviously these types of hand sanitisers are not meant for human consumption and the damage caused can be fatal as seen in the stories above.

Is there a way to prevent street drinkers stealing alcohol hand sanitisers?

We believe there is a cure to this problem and it comes in the form of Supernova Germ Protection.

A complete range of Supernova Germ Protection in a wide array of applications. Supernova Germ Protection is alcohol free so it kills more germ types and therefore offers a broader range of germ protection.

The non enveloped virus, Norovirus and the spore forming bacteria Clostridium Difficile are known to be two of the most difficult germ type to eradicate.

It is widely documented that not only do alcohol based products not kill Norovirus and Clostridium Difficile but in many cases they are actually making the problem worse.

Supernova is an alcohol free product and it has been independently tested.

Not only do these products make sense for hospitals and clinics and alike, they are also a great idea for the home where young ones could accidentally ingest the liquid.

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Saving my business money.

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How can my business save money on hygiene supplies?

This question has two answers:

Do the people that answer your telephone know that you want to save money?

All too often the junior sales reps that work here at Save On Supplies are greated with stock answers when trying to make contact with potential customers.

The usual suspects are "We already have a supplier" or "We are happy with the company we are using", this position is quite correct to guard important personel from unwanted sales calls alll day when they have busy important jobs to be doing.

However, if you are serious about your business we would suggest at least having a strategy for dealing with sales calls. This could be a simple voicemail box that takes down details, or an e-mail address that can accept proposals.

More importantly, as a business owner you should be making the people that answer the telephone aware of your desire to save money on everyday hygiene related supplies, along with a view to improving the service you receive.

Some supplies companies become lazy in their approach to excisting customers and also allow the prices to creep up over time. A new supply company will be keen to do business with you and impress.

Shop Around

When did you last put your hygiene supplies out to tender?

Make a point of contacting companies like Save On Supplies on a 6 monthly basis to compare the prices you are currently paying with the prices they can provide. You don't have to change, but it's healty to ensure you are receiving the best prices and service.

In the age of price comparisson websites we are quite happy to put our insurance, both personal and commercial out to tender to make sure we are getting the price and service available, this makes sense.

Let Us Do The Work

Let us do the work for you. We can carry out a cost comparrison and do all of the leg work, just send us the list of items that you purchase and we will send you back our best price.

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Nicky Elite 3Ply Toilet Rolls White

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Nicky Elite 3 Ply White Toilet Rolls


We are proud to promote the above toilet roll product.

As far as we are concerned this toilet roll is up there with the likes of Andrex, in fact, I personally would go further and suggest that Nicky 3Ply toilet tissue is a better product, this is off course my personal opinion.

What is this based on?

The fact the Nicky Elite has an enhanced lotion applied to the paper during the manufactoring process I think makes this product much nicer to use. It also gives each and every roll a fresh scent when opened and placed in position, which adds a nice touch to any bathroom or toilet.

As with all of our products, we insist that the staff use them in order to be better able to promote the proucts to our customer base, once you believe in a product it's easier to recommend.

Every customer that we have converted over to Nicky Elite 3ply Toilet Rolls 40 Pack White has never came back to us with anytihng other than happy approval.

We also feel that our price for this product is one of the cheepest on the web and we are also able to offer bigger discounts to hotels and other large order companies.

So don't delay, come on over and check out the price of this excellent toilet tissue.


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