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Saving my business money.

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How can my business save money on hygiene supplies?

This question has two answers:

Do the people that answer your telephone know that you want to save money?

All too often the junior sales reps that work here at Save On Supplies are greated with stock answers when trying to make contact with potential customers.

The usual suspects are "We already have a supplier" or "We are happy with the company we are using", this position is quite correct to guard important personel from unwanted sales calls alll day when they have busy important jobs to be doing.

However, if you are serious about your business we would suggest at least having a strategy for dealing with sales calls. This could be a simple voicemail box that takes down details, or an e-mail address that can accept proposals.

More importantly, as a business owner you should be making the people that answer the telephone aware of your desire to save money on everyday hygiene related supplies, along with a view to improving the service you receive.

Some supplies companies become lazy in their approach to excisting customers and also allow the prices to creep up over time. A new supply company will be keen to do business with you and impress.

Shop Around

When did you last put your hygiene supplies out to tender?

Make a point of contacting companies like Save On Supplies on a 6 monthly basis to compare the prices you are currently paying with the prices they can provide. You don't have to change, but it's healty to ensure you are receiving the best prices and service.

In the age of price comparisson websites we are quite happy to put our insurance, both personal and commercial out to tender to make sure we are getting the price and service available, this makes sense.

Let Us Do The Work

Let us do the work for you. We can carry out a cost comparrison and do all of the leg work, just send us the list of items that you purchase and we will send you back our best price.

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Night Club Deliveries

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Toilet Roll, Hand Towels, Hand Soap, Bin Bags


Save On Supplies offfer special out of hours deliveries for Night Clubs, Pubs and Restuarants to suit their trading times opposed to suiting our delivery times.


If you are responsbille for purchasing items such as Toilet Roll and you don't want to have to arrive at work hours before you need to in order to allow the delivery driver access to your business that this could be the solution that you are looking for.


With delivery slots starting at 6PM and going on through to the early hours of the morning you will no longer have to worry about being available to receive your delivery of Hand Towels.


With the supply of cleaning materials and hygiene products being just a small part of your business we are confident that our Out Of Hours delivery service will be of use to you and your business.


Why not get in touch with us to see how we can help


Call 01707 872 218 or e-mail

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