Alcohol Hand Santiser and the dangers

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Alcohol Hand Santiser and the dangers

Alcohol Hand Santiser and the dangers

I recently read an article on an American website which talked about the trouble with people steeling the alcohol hand sanitiser from the public toilets which had been provided in parks.

You can read the article here: Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

This problem is not only in the United States. We too have this problem here in the UK. You can read an article on the problem here: Street Drinkers steeling hospital hand sanitiser

Obviously these types of hand sanitisers are not meant for human consumption and the damage caused can be fatal as seen in the stories above.

Is there a way to prevent street drinkers stealing alcohol hand sanitisers?

We believe there is a cure to this problem and it comes in the form of Supernova Germ Protection.

A complete range of Supernova Germ Protection in a wide array of applications. Supernova Germ Protection is alcohol free so it kills more germ types and therefore offers a broader range of germ protection.

The non enveloped virus, Norovirus and the spore forming bacteria Clostridium Difficile are known to be two of the most difficult germ type to eradicate.

It is widely documented that not only do alcohol based products not kill Norovirus and Clostridium Difficile but in many cases they are actually making the problem worse.

Supernova is an alcohol free product and it has been independently tested.

Not only do these products make sense for hospitals and clinics and alike, they are also a great idea for the home where young ones could accidentally ingest the liquid.

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