Blue Centre Feed

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Blue Centre Feed

Blue Centre Feed

There are so many different name for Centre Feed Paper. Here are just a few:

Blue roll is probably the most common name for this product and has become synonmous with the actual product name.

Blue paper roll

2Ply blue roll


Blue3 c-feed

Blue Centrefeed paper

Blue centre pull rolls

1ply blue c/feed

Centre pull

Centrally fed paper rolls

It doesn't really matter what you like to call them as long as you are getting good value for money.

This can sometimes be harder than you would think. Some companies don't even mention the length of the roll, other do mention the amount of blue paper that you get on the roll while other companies don't bother to mention how tall the blue paper sheets are.

Then there can be the further complications of the company not being accredited by the CHSA which are the self elected governing body for soft tissue products, if a paper roll is accredited by the CHSA then you can be sure that what is on the label is the amount of blue paper roll that you are actually getting.

Just a few tips for our readers. 

Happy shopping guys.


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