DuraDry Microfibre Cleaning Cloths from Chicopee

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DuraDry Microfibre Cleaning Cloths from Chicopee

DuraDry Microfibre Cleaning Cloths from Chicopee

DuradDry Microfibre Cloths are the latest revolutionary product from the world famous Chicopee brand, the company that bought you the original J-Cloth.

Most of us in the cleaning industry would have used Microfibre cloths at some point in time, however, these can sometimes be quite large and cumbersome.

The new DuraDry from Chicopee is an amazing cleaning cloth which can be used in restaurants, hotels, cleaning companies, schools and just about anywhere you need to clean something.

DuraDry cloths are available in four colours to be used in conjunction with a colour coded cleaning and hygiene system.

These DuraDry Cloths are also FCC Approved, see below.

The cloths are 34cm x 40cm when opend out. The DuraDry cloths can be washed up to 365 times and still retain its cleaning and hygiene perfomance, providing great value for money.

The DuraDry® combines 3 unique features:

  1. The cloth is made from 100% microfibres, enabling you to effortlessly clean any surface, from glass to stainless steel, fast, thoughroughly and with no streaks.
  2. They have proven antibacterial properties. Furthermore, it is the only Microfibre cloth to have the EU FCC approval quality mark from a leading German test institute.
  3. DuraDry has a very extensive lifespan. Even after many washes the wipe retains it's unique properties making the cloth great value for money over the life of the product.

Other Benefits

  • The wipes can be washed in a washing machine up to 365 times and still retain their unique properties.
  • DuraDry is 100% microfibre compostition ensures the cleanest clean possible.
  • The unique splitable fibre construction gives more surface area to clean.
  • Even we the cloths absorb more moisture quicker than any other wipe.
  • The cloths provide a "dry at once" streak free clean so the wipe is perfectly suited for cleaning glass, stainless steel and mirrors.
  • For best results rinse and wring the wipe thoghroughly.

Anyone working in the hospitality industry wants the very best for their guests . Offering your guests the ultimate in comfort, ambiance, hospitality and of course hygiene each and every day.

When it comes to hygiene you can always trust Chicopee, the global experts in cleaning wipes overe the past 40 years.

Best Clean

To achieve the best clean, food service teams need the ultimate cleaning wipe. After cleaning, surfaces need to be spot and streak free, and of course, hygienically clean and safe.

All without costing the earth, DuraDry® is the only wipe on the market that out performs the competition in all of the important areas, cleaning, hygiene and cost.

FCC Approval

  • DuraDry has Food Contact Clearance (FCC) Approval from a leading German testing institute. It is safe to use in all food preperation areas and will not transfer contaminents even when it comes direct or indirect contact with food. The cloths also exceed all of the standards for "Haute Hygiene" the highest level of hygiene possible.
  • FCC approval guarantees there will be no transfer of hazardous substances or dyes on to the surface or on to food when using the wipe in damp or oily conditions.
  • Of course DuraDry fulfills HACCP standards for safe cleaning and is available in four different colours to accomodate any cleaning regime.
  • The wipes antibacterial properties significantly reduce the growth of bacteria in the wipe creating "Haute Hygiene".
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