J Cloth Roll

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J Cloth Roll

J Cloth Roll

The original J Cloth on a handy roll.

FCC Approved for use around food.

Colour coded to work with HCAPP environments.

A handy dispenser box to keep things tidy.

Perforated to allow for short or long cloths!

Do you use cloths in your kitchen?

Are you always having to keep them in a draw to keep them tidy? Does the cellophane pack split?

Well then you need these J Cloths on a roll. The handy dispenser box provides all of the convenience of centre feed paper rolls with the benifits of use a cloth.

The individual sheets are 37 x 22cm's however they are perforated which means you can pull them out at any length you need.

What is FCC Approval?

This means that any material that may come into direct contact with food has been examined by the testing institute ISEGA according to EU methods for direct contact with food.

ISEGA has checked raw materails, fabrication additives, special finishing agents as well as the release of substances which migh endanger health.

This means that unlike paper centre feed they won't leave anything behind that could possibly contaminate the food.


We believe that our price for J Cloth Rolls are the cheapest on the internet, if you have seen them cheaper let us know and we will beat any like for like price.

At only £14.99 per box, this gives an individual sheet price of just £0.05p per sheet, great value, great product.

Why J-Cloth Lavette?

It’s no mystery why J-Cloth® Lavette is the world’s most effective and hygienic wipe. J-Cloth® Lavette is constructed with a unique open, wavy texture that enables efficient pick up of any kind of dirt particles. Easy to rinse, fast in drying, lightweight – J-Cloth® Lavette wipes remain clean and fresh longer, giving bacteria no chance to grow and multiply. J-Cloth® Lavette wipes are available in 5 different colours, preventing cross-contamination and supporting HACCP work conditions – helping you to achieve the best health and safety practice possible. J-Cloth® Lavette can be used in combination with any cleaning agent and is available as folded wipes or a convenient perforated centrefeed roll.

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