Why buy J-Cloths

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Why buy J-Cloths

Why buy J-Cloths

Buying original J Cloths will save you money in the long term, here we try to answer why you should buy J Cloths opposed to generice cleaning cloths.

It may seem like a strange question, but there are reasons for asking this question.

As an authorised distributor of the range of Chicopee wiping cloths we may be able to give you some insight.

The first point that comes to mind is the recent temporary closing the Heston Blumenthal's restaurant due to Nurovirus. Jump to our FCC Approval point.

As you can imagine, there are many different types of wiping cloth available to the market and their uses and applications vary greatly. Chefs use cloths, the front of house in restaurants, the back of house in hotels, schools, colleges, cleaning companies and lots more use cloths in their every day operations.

Some of the cloths available can indeed look like great value at first glance when comparing the price per pack and the amount of cloths per pack. Lots of the cloths are imported from countries that don't have a great reputation for human rights, is this important to your business? Some of these cloths are also only used once due to the cheap nature of the material. 

Supplies companies that offer a "J-Cloth type" cloth are also breaking the strict rules and guidelines on copyright infringement, is your business helping them break these rules, it may only be a cheap packet of wiping cloths but the rules are the rules. Chicopee does not take kindly to this type of infringement on their intellectual property and brand name.

With J-Cloth Lavette there is no mystery to why the world´s most renowned cleaning wipe, trust J-Cloth®

It’s no mystery why J-Cloth® Lavette is the world’s most effective and hygienic wipe. 
J-Cloth® Lavette is constructed with a unique, open, wavy texture that enables efficient pick up of any kind of dirt particles. Easy to rinse, fast drying, lightweight – J-Cloth® Lavette wipes remain clean and fresher for longer, giving bacteria no chance to grow and multiply in the wipe. J-Cloth® Lavette wipes are available in 5 different colours, preventing cross-contamination and supporting HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) work conditions – helping you to achieve the best health and safety practice possible.
J-Cloth® Lavette can be used in combination with any cleaning agent and is available as folded wipes or a convenient perforated centrefeed roll.
• Lightweight hygiene wipe
• Open structure - Excellent dirt pick-up
• Easy to rinse & dries quickly - Wipe stays fresher for longer
• Colour coded - Helps you achieve HACCP compliance
• Machine washable
• Easy and comfortable to use
• Strong and safe to use - FCC approved!
What is FCC approval and why is it important to my restaurant?
FCC Approval(Food Contact Clearance)J-Cloth® Lavette wipes passed all the tests and are in compliance with the rules and regulation (EC) No1935/2004 of the European Parliament on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. 
What does this mean?
It means that it’s safe to use J-Cloth® Lavette as a cleaning cloth even if the wipe comes into direct or indirect contact with dry, moist or non-greasy foodstuffs. There is no danger for health and safety. Thus, if cleaning in areas where food is prepared or otherwise present, it is in your best interest to make sure that an FCC approved wipe is used.
(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) J-Cloth® Lavette wipes are designed to provide the ultimate cleaning, wherever hygiene is crucial and HACCP standards need to be maintained.
HACCP working conditions are set to systematically identify, control and prevent potential hygiene-related risks.
The use of different colours gives you the opportunity to set up a cleaning system where each colour has a specific cleaning area and task. This way the risk of using a contaminated cloth in a hygiene environment can be eliminated.
The below mentioned colour coding scheme is an example for a restaurant.*
Colour                        Cleaning area
Blue                             General restaurant areas; e.g. tables, trays etc.
Red                              Washrooms, floors and toilets
Yellow                         Disinfection of kitchen appliances; e.g. knives etc.
Green                          Kitchen and food preparation areas
White                           Other general cleaning.


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