Optima Shine Microfibre Cloths

Optima Shine Microfibre Cloths

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Optima Shine Microfibre Cloths
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Optima Shine Microfibre Cloths

Optima Shine Microfibre Cloths offer fantastic value and provide a very high level of dust, dirt and grease retention.

The cloths are suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces and remove grease, dust and dirt with ease.

Optima Shine cloths are constructed from 90% Polyester and 10% Polyamide and are 250gsm weight.

The cloths can be washed with normal laundry conditions up to 400 times and still retain the excellent cleaning abilities.

Packed in 10's and available in 4 colours for use with a colour coded cleaning schedule.

  • Suitable for cleaning all surfaces
  • Remove grease, dust and dirt with ease
  • Colour coded
  • 250gsm
  • Packed in 10's

What is Microfibre

Fibre can be described as microfibre when it weighs less than 1 gram per 10km's of length.

For most microfibres, this equates to a diameter of less than 0.12 denier. To give you an idea, this is 100 times thinner than a human hair.

Microfibre is made from a mixture of polyester and polyamide bi-component fibre.

It is split into many micro-segments by special physical & chemical treatments.

How does it work

Microfibre has up to 40 times more surface area compared to normal fibre, making the fibre extremely absorbent.

The capillary action allows for strong cleaning ability.

The wedge shaped fibre, together with polyamide core, helps to attract and trap dust and dirt. It also is excellent for cleaning greasy surfaces without scratching.

Microfibre's fine pores leave very little moisture behind. Any droplets remaining on the surface will evaporate quickly and leave it clean and smear-free.

What are the advantages

Microfibre cloths give quicker results and clean more easily and more effectively than conventional cloths.

The microfibre leave the surface clean and smear-free and remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces. There is no need to use chemicals, as they clean with just water making them very environmentally friendly.

The capillary action of the microscopic pores in microfibre absorbs tremendous amounts of water quickly.

Microfibre is very durable, it outlasts most cloths made from natural fibres.

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