Evans Superseal Polyurethane Floor Seal

Evans Superseal Polyurethane Floor Seal

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Evans Superseal Polyurethane Floor Seal
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1 l = £7.00

Evans Superseal Polyurethane Floor Seal

Evans Superseal Polyurethane Floor Seal is a Polyurethane floor sealer for internal wood and concrete floors in a 5Ltr Container.

This floor sealer provides extra durable slip resistance and it is suitable for heavy traffic areas.

  • 5Ltr
  • Solvent based floor seal for internal wood & concrete floors.
  • Provides a protective barrier that prolongs the life of the floor surface.
  • Dries to a tough very durable & slip resistant, high gloss finish.
  • Extremely hard wearing, impervious to grease, soil & moisture.
  • Enhances the natural colour of wood.
  • Suitable for heavy traffic areas.
  • Coverage per 5lt - up to 25 sq. mtr for 2 coats.
  • One pack performance coating product VOC 460g/litre.
Apply to new or untreated wooden floor, alternatively remove existing seal & ensure floor is clean & dry.
Use undiluted.
Apply two or three thin coats with seal applicator or a clean soft  brush.
Allow each coat to dry for 8 hours, although 24 hours is preferable.
Additional coats can be applied if required. Sanding in between coats is not necessary, but a light sand with a medium grade floor pad will help key the surface if a 3rd or 4th coat is applied.
After the final coat, leave for 24 hours before subjecting to traffic, 24 hours before cleaning & 7 days before applying emulsion floor polish.
DO NOT apply to new concrete floor, allow 6 months for moisture to evaporate and avoid the possibility of seal flaking.
For more detailed information please refer to EVANS GUIDE TO FLOOR CARE
Appearance: Clear amber 
 semi-viscous liquid
Odour: Characteristic of white spirit
pH - undiluted: N/A
Shelf life: Not less than 3 years
Contains a blend of low aromatic white spirit & alkyd modified 
polyurethane resin.
All surfactants used in Evans Vanodine products comply 
with the current European Regulations concerning 
biodegradability and protection of the environment.
an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Cert. No. FM 09535 
and an ISO 14001 Environmental System Cert. No. EMS 506072 
registered by the British Standards Institution.

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