Jeyes Fluid 5Ltr

Jeyes Fluid 5Ltr

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Jeyes Fluid 5Ltr
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Jeyes Fluid 5Ltr

Jeyes fluid is an extremely versatile outdoor disinfectant.

It can be used as a strong solution to disinfect and kill harmful bacteria.

Also used for clearing and cleaning patios, greenhouses, tarmac and drains.

Jeyes fluid can kill bird flu and is extremely effective when used to clean bird feeding areas.

Excellent for cleaning and disinfecting horse stables and other equestrian areas.

Drain Cleaner

It can be used neat for any outdoor drains, must rinse thoroughly after use.
You can use it when necesary and more often during hot peeriods.

Cleaning Patios and Conctrete

Jeyes can be dlitued at a ratio of 150ml to 5Ltrs of water. Ensure you cover areas thoroughly with the solution.
Give the solution 30 minutes then rinse off and aggitate with a brush.
If using on coloured stone, reduce the solution to 50ml per 5Ltrs of water to avoid staining, always make sure you test a small, out of the way area, before treating.

Disinfecting Tarmac

Use a reduced solutin of 125ml  per 5Ltrs of water for treating tarmac areas, again making sure to thoroughly wet the entire tarmac area to be disinfected.
Always test a small, out of the way area for softening before treating whole area, if the tarmac does soften, reduce the solution to 60ml per 5Ltrs of water.
Repeat treatment on a monthly basis.

Disinfectaing Greenhouses

Before starting, remove all plants, clean the glass, bars and any shelves with a 3ml per 5Lts of water solution.
Allow plenty of time for the solution to dry and ventilate well before returning plants.

Cleaning Garden Tools

Use a dilution ratio of 10ml per litre of water. Wipe over and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse off.

Disinfection of Water Butts

Clean and scrub the empty waterbutt well with a solution of 15ml to 5Ltrs of water. To freshen up the water add 5ml of neat fluid.

Bird Flu / Avian Influenza

The dllition ratio of 250ml per 5Ltrs of water is neede when treating surfaces against bird flu.
remove any excess soil, allow at least 20 minutes contact time afther applying with a watering can then rinse off.

The above are just some of the places where you can use Jeyes Fluid as a disinfectant, if you would like further informaiton, please download the leaflet below.


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